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Theory & Method of Biblical Counseling

This course surveys the major theories and methods of Biblical Counseling. Topics covered include

difference between psychologically oriented counseling approaches and Biblical Counseling,

and application of counseling methods in various counseling cases.


Marriage & Family Counseling

This course provides a theoretical foundation for marriage and family counseling. Topics covered

include biblical concepts for marriage and family, major theories of family therapy, and counseling issues.


Human Development & Biblical Counseling

This course is designed to understand the development of personality and faith, acknowledging humanity

is made in the image of God. It covers an overview on various counseling issues manifested in each

developmental stages, and psychological and biblical approaches to the issues.


Abnormal Psychology

This course examines the classification and symptoms of mental disorders.

Students in this course are encouraged to biblically examine causes and effects of various psychological

problems, and apply to their counseling practices.


Psychological testing s and Interpretation

This course introduces various psychological testing s used in counseling practice and teaches

how to interpret the results of the testings. It includes discussions on advantages and limitations

of psychological testings as well as ethical considerations.  


Counseling Children& Children with Special Needs

This course is designed to provide an overview of the development and counseling issues of children.

It covers behavior al and psychological issues in Christian perspective .

The course includes understanding counseling issues related with children with special needs.


Counseling the Adolescent: Individual and Family

This course provides a theoretical overview of the growth and development of the adolescent

as well as counseling approaches to the problems of Adolescent in family context.

It also covers psychological and biblical understanding of the adolescent.


Group Counseling

Students in this course will learn principles and methods of group counseling

in accordance with individual counseling, and study about the effectiveness of group counseling.

They are expected to apply a biblical approach to group counseling.


Sexuality Problems& Biblical Counseling

This course examines contemporary knowledge and attitude towards human sexuality.

It includes critical analysis on sexuality in the context of current social and cultural influences.

Students will study value systems and their influence on sexuality for biblical approach to counseling.



This course covers teachings on counseling skills, applications of theories and biblical principles

with supervision. Students are expected to present their cases for case discussions and supervision.    


Theology & Psychology

This course is offered for the students to examine the different presuppositions of theology and psychology.

Students are expected to understand and assess integrationist approach in Christian counseling as biblical

counseling perspective.


Theories of Christian Counseling

This course provides contemporary theories and principles of Christian counseling .

Students are expected to understand and examine the worldview reflected in each Christian approach.

Students are expected to reflect on and develop their identity as biblical counselors throughout the course.


Addiction & Counseling

This course covers understanding of symptoms, causes and approaches of various addictions and

examines them with biblical viewpoints. Special emphasis is on biblical understanding on the role of

heart and sins in the process of development and recovery of addiction.


Culture & Biblical Counseling

This course examines culture and its affect on people’s thinking and behaviors.

Students are encouraged to study various cultures and how they affect life and thought of people.

Students are to gain and apply the biblical perspective through examining relevant biblical themes.


Communication & Biblical Counseling

This course provides an overview of the meaning of human communication and analyze s the

various methods of communication. Students will learn the biblical communication for people and

apply it to their counseling.


Crisis/ Death and HospiceCounseling

The Purpose of this course is to help s tudents understand the loss in family and its meaning and

affect to family members and loved ones. Students learn how to counsel