Department of Theology












Introduction to child Care and Education(3)
Introduction to child Care and Education lets students acquire knowledge and technology,regarding the

characteristics of the development of infants and child, and nourish ability and attitude to attempt growth

of a child.


Consumer Education(3)
Learning consumer rights and how to exercise the right in the midst of dominance of large corporations.
Classes include factors of affecting consumer decision making(advertising and media),characteristics

of consumer groups, and consumer laws made by distinctive historical, economical background.


Healthy Families(3)
In this course students examine healthy families in its context as a life practice. It involves family

based ecological system of the philosophical assumptions, historical developments, and social



Musical Accompaniments for Young Children I, II (1)
Based on the basic knowledge and experience for playing piano, students will study for several methods

of musical accompaniment for educational practice.


Child Development(3)
Fundamentals of infants and child physical, mental, social and emotional development, spanning the prenatal

period through late childhood.


Children's Play(3)
A course designed to learn strategies and techniques for encouraging children's play. Students also explore

children's play as effective method for child's holistic development such as cognitive, social, emotional, physical

and artistic development.


Child Welfare(3)
The concept, the significance, and the development history of child welfare are dealt with and several

kinds of welfare as practical fields are dealt with and the tasks and the prospects of child welfare are



Pediatric Nursing(3)
Primary objectives is optimal maintenance of chidren and family health, the promotion of health.


Culture of Families(3)
The course provides an understanding of the background of culture of families.Emphasis is placed on

a national trait, the marriage rituals, family's ideology, and descent system.


Adolescent Psychology and Counseling(3)
The course to upbringing juvenile leader to learn theory and field study that can consult about them with

bases by the sound juvenile psychology understanding, and will attempt sound juvenile guidance and



Introduction to Christian Child Education(3)
A study of the principles of Christian education that primarily enables the student to work with children as

disciples of Jesus. In order to meet the educational ministry goals of the church, students develop insights

into the development of children's faith.


Children Art(3)
The course aims at understanding the children art through experience class under children picture

development grades and theory.


Early Childhood Curriculum(3)
In this course students develop curricula for early childhood education (up to age 5).
During the course students have an opportunity to implement the curricula for early education in practical



Atypical Development of Child and Adolescent(3)
The purpose of this course is to help students understand children's misbehaviors and problems so that

 they can deal with children's problems in a curative and preventative way.


Method in Child & Family Research(3)
In this course students learn from basic theory and SPSS utilization law of statistics to courses to study

understanding of a child to scientific and positive.


Child-care Policy(3)
To learn various nurture policy plans to help economic social action assistance of the guardian and sound

upbringing of infants and child through literature and field study.


Young children Educational Methodology(3)
The course aims at making and using educational media for young children under the young children's

development characteristics and the theory of teaching principle.


School-age Care & Education(3)
This course will help students develop an increased understanding of the need and importance of after-

school programs. Throughout the course, students are able to design effective curriculums for school-

age children's care and education.


Language Arts for Children(3)
Students in this course are expected to recognize language development of children and to learn how to

encourage them to enjoy reading, writing, listening activities as well as expressing their own ideas or

feelings in daily life.


Study on methodology for youth leadership(3)
The purpose of this course is to understand unique characteristic of youth leader and to learn strategy,

skills for leadership. This course emphasize the comprehension of youth culture and abstract of youth



Family relations(3)
The purpose of this course is to explore unique characteristics of Korean families, and their diverse

relationship patterns. This course also emphasize on changes and transitions of Korean families under

rapid socio-cultural changes in Korean society.


Child Counseling(3)
A course designed to develop basic skills in child counseling through an introduction to several counseling

methods appropriate for teacher use, through theological analyses of case studies and VTR tapes.


Observation on Children's Behaviors(3)
This is to advance practice courses for an on-site competent teacher to be, learn from the observation

technology that can observe a child in various ways and learn understanding regarding a child through

field organization practice.


Field Practice(3)
The course for a nursing teacher to acquire character as a nurturing teacher and leadership through

practice in child care and education organization with bases by professional knowledge regarding children.


Marriage and family therapy(3)
The purpose of this course is to understand diverse marriage and family therapy theories and techniques.

In addition, this course is to provide students with basic information that they can apply in the practical area

such as schools and social institutions.


Administration and Management in Early Childhood Setting(3)
Learning the laws relating to early childhood education, policies for Childcare center education,

qualification for Childcare center teachers, the appropriate educational environment for Childcare center,

and how to establish a good relationship with parents and the community.


Family Life Education(3)
The purpose of family life education is to acquire the knowledge of development lesson and action for the

overall life development cycle through the program of family life education.
The goal of this lesson is to improve the present and future family life and to protect the problem of family.


Development for Christian Teaching Methods(3)
This course examines the methods of Christian education after the sequence of Introduction to Christian

Child Education. The course will include: strategies for faith development, instructional materials, and teaching

methods for children in Christian education.


Mental Health(3)
This course helps students to identify mental pressures and illnesses arising from the complex life situations

in the current society and how to cope with these problems in relevant ways.


Parent Education(3)
Learning the history of parent education, types of programs for parents, and various theories of child rearing.

Skills and Techniques for family life education Practice(3)
This is an intensive course studying family life education practice. In this course, students can learn the

primary theories, skills, values for family life education practice, and various roles of family life education.