Department of Theology












Choral Arranging
A study of arranging pieces for various combinations of voices. Requires basic understanding of vocal ranges

and colors and compositional techniques. Provides practical lessons on several arranging



Choral Literature
A historical survey of choral music from medieval times to contemporary period. Focuses on important choral

forms, composers, compositions, and techniques. Includes listening to various choral pieces

and brief analyses of significant choral works.


Church Music Administration
Provides essential information of church music administration for church musicians. Includes topics such

as biblical foundation of music ministry, responsibilities of music minister, and methods and techniques of

music administration.


Church Music Ensemble
Deals with church music ensemble pieces for various combinations of voices and instruments. Designed

for developing students' ability for ensemble performance and exploring church music ensemble works.


Italian Diction
A study of correct pronunciation and articulation of the Italian language for singers. Includes singing

important Italian songs with emphasis on proper diction. Required for voice majors.


Music analysis
A study of musical structures, forms, and analytical methods. Focuses on analytical skills for deeper

understanding of musical pieces. Several analysis projects are required.


Music History I, II, & III
A study of music development and literature from ancient times to the present. Music History I, from ancient

times to the Renaissance period; Music History II, from the Baroque to the Classical; and Music History III,

from the Romantic to the present.


Opera Workshop
Designed to provide an opportunity to explore important aspects of opera, such as singing, acting, staging,

and working with other performers, through rehearsals and a performance of opera scenes. The performance

 is presented at the end of the semester.


Sight-Singing and Ear Training
Designed for developing students' ability of sight-singing so that they can easily sing an unfamiliar musical

piece and of identifying the melody, rhythm, and harmony of a musical work while listening to it. Includes

practices of music dictation.


Theory and Practice of Contemporary Music
Focuses on 20th-century compositional techniques and analyses of contemporary musical works for deeper

understanding of contemporary music. Required for composition majors.