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Introduction to Korean History

Organize the large flow of Korean history chronologically, but by every age become an issue of key points selected

by examining, enlarge the range of the historical perception


Ancient History of Korea

Ancient history of Korea, 'from prehistoric age through to the fall of Unified Silla ', The development process of the

Korea ancient history are subject to look around in the center of the principal historical facts.


Medieval History of Korea

Handling systematically successive the flow of the Medieval History of Korea in point of political, social, economic,

and cultural


Modern History of Korea

Biggest turning point in Korea’s modern civilization, with the tide of world history was together its flow. In this lecture,

by the forthcoming opening a ports, a wave of modernization of the West by accepting the initiative and look at the

process developed, At the period of Japanese occupation, trying to keep the national spirit and national culture

focused on our nation's fight is to proceed.


Contemporary History of Korea

Since the mid-20th century until now, in the center of a close relationship between Korea and the world ranged all of

parts politics, economic, society and culture have made historic progress. This course, as well as to diagnose the

position of Korea in the modern Korea, Korea in the modern world will see diagnose whether any affect.


History of Historical Writing in Korea

History of historical writing in Korea, 'from the Three Kingdom’s period to the present', our country look at the flow of

history is a subject to look at generally.


Introduction to Asian History

This course is relatively isolated and largely deployed more than 3,000 years The development process of the    

evolution of the traditional East Asian civilization and partly due to contact with the wildly modern western world

changing over fiercely divided into changing process of the East Asia, focusing on Chinese history and curriculum

goals by deploying is to achieve.


Ancient History of East Asian

This lecture about the ancient Chinese society is to overview. The ancient Chinese society can be said to the emperor-

domination system. So this lecture is to overview about development and generation of the emperor-domination system.


Medieval History of East Asian

This lecture about medieval society in China is to overview. In short, medieval society in china can be said the change

and generation period of the emperor-domination system. Therefore, this lecture is to overview about and change and

development and extinction of the emperor-domination system


Modern History of East Asian

This lecture, semi-colonial in the China, scrape out semi-feudalistic society, achievement of this nation, For the nation's

independence and its unification, since the Opium War in 1840 came   to today's China, The history full of hardship look

at evaluate.


History of Asian and Western Cultural Interchange

East and West, Especially the Chinese and Western cultural interchange, look at focusing on changes in terms of the

cultural changes


Introduction to Western History

Essential flows of the Western history from western ancient to modern time is to overview, Professional theoretical basis

for the study will further exposure.


Ancient Western History

With as the remaining in the history to the present day, from early Greek society in the history of the Greeks, will conduct

an overall review to the culture and thought etc lead to excellent contribution of the Greek. So to speak, through a detailed

review the various parts of the ancient Greek’s history Width and depth of Greek’s history knowledge to try to add.


Medieval Western History

Reason and purpose to study western medieval history, and in Western History takes on the value of the Middle Ages

Fluorescence review your lessons will be conducted in the format.


Modern Western History

The emergence of the modern world and the characteristics of the modern world, and scheduled to be the end of the 19th

century, when the emphasis traditionally has dealt with the subject and content of basic training, but also has identified

latest new view.


20C Contemporary History

From the Second industrial revolution to the global economic crisis in the early years of the 21th century, 20th century

historical events of modern history thematic overview of the major bend is.


Historical Writing in Western History

Describe the flow and type of overview of Western history by era and handling key historical views of western history.


Social-Economic History of Europe

A general understanding of social and economic history, primitive, ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary, such as

those shown for each age and economic characteristics are evaluated for significance in the history of civilization.

In particular, the emergence of social background and characteristics of feudalistic society, and the occurrence of the

background and development process of the capitalism and positive and negative aspects of capitalism has with the

religious element and to learn relevance weigh


Christian View on History

There are different types of history. This course is the core of the Christian view of history should figure out what.

God's providence and redemption, the eschatological perspective is necessary to look at the history. History of the

Christian view of history was the key to understanding tries to look after.


Renaissance and Reformation Europe

The ideas of the Reformation era's reformer and the historical background of the reform as a whole are opened.


The intellectual history of Europe

Significant changes in knowledge in modern society, based on a reflective study to understand the world intellectual

history occupies an important position in the intellectual history of Europe from ancient times to the present depth to



Introduction to History

Definition of concept of history, Furthermore, the development process of the history. For its learning and method of

inquiry in addition to such things will be covered.


Curriculum and Evaluation of History Education

The core of the subject matter education is the curriculum and assessment. Look at Changes in our national history

curriculum, the characteristics of the current curriculum, concept of the assessment and kind, Curriculum knowhow

needed to know pre-service teachers is teaching    to try the search. The current preliminary teachers also need to

pass a preliminary examination of the issues and employment. History curriculum and assessment performed for

the analysis and will try to find answers in above mentioned ways


Theory of History Education

Subject matter education theory started from a very old problem with the conflict of content and method, Content

experts, teachers, and conduct the required contents of teaching and by starting from the axis of the methods the

overall contents of the theory of history education is teaching theoretically


Research and Instruction on History Educational Materials

What is education curriculum materials to begin with, The second, What is needed education materials in the

history field education   of the   secondary school education directly,    What are its effects and How to find out  

That to think about how effective method of teach is principle challenge.


Historical Essay Writing

Correct historical essay by writing to promote historical thinking skills is this subject. Assay subject to reference

historical assay must analyze in the suitable historical data and as being the ability to reference, reading books

on history culture and assay and the history theory, must organizational history theory by writing and history

practice by writing.


Chinese Culture and History Education

Information on the history of the Orient Shown in middle and high school world history textbooks and its intensified

research achievements of professional scholars are principle to look at, but look especially by placing an emphasis

on Chinese history.


Reading in Eastern history for teaching Ⅰ

Through the lecture-reading about the ‘The Grand Scribe's Records( Ssu -Ma Ch'ien )’, as well as systematic

understanding in the history of the Chin-Han empire, understanding the systematic practice and translation of

historical-fact material should feed.


Reading in Western history for teaching Ⅱ

Historical study and research must be in the form and accompanying, that is a subject to practice original English

and historical-fact material reading.


Medium of video and History Education

The lectures are observed 'Image through the media how to do with the teaching of history?' Is to study teaching.

This course introduces a variety of visual media and how in the education field actually and verify that it utilizes.


Korea-Japan History Education

Recently, The history dispute surrounding in Korea-China-Japan are topics, including the distortion of history

textbook by the Japanese as in the middle of the strengthening of nationalism nature and particularly   The long

history textbook dispute between Korea and Japan, With this, deep understanding and the effort to find a solution

to this critical are being considered. Teachers, Especially teachers in the field is growing as pre-service teachers

to teach students establish good view of history and systematic training for this is very important. So the content

knowledge related this, the history education of other countries trying to resolve the dispute, in the 21th century,

understanding of nationalism and so one emerged as a new and Korea-Japan relationship and Korea-China

relationship should take on studied.