Chongshin English Language Institute(CELI) is an institution for

                                                           teaching and learning the will of God through the medium of the English

                                                           language. CELI was established in January 1997 with the purpose of

                                                           increasing the vision for global missions.
                                                           Even though the history of CELI is brief, the institution made an enormous

                                                           impact in the lives of the students who have participated in its courses.

                                                           Congshin English Language Institute has several objectives.
                                                           The first is to prepare and equip Chongshin students to be more proficient


in English which is the universal language of today's world. The second purpose is to train and raise up leaders to
take the gospel message to the ends of the world in the new Century.
Furthermore, CELI has put together a curriculum for everyone's benefit. The uniqueness of the CELI program is its
concentration on combining practical English and mission English.
The following courses are offered during the regular semester, as well as the winter and summer camp.

Practical English


1) Conversation
2) Reading Comprehension
3) Listening Comprehension
4) Grammar
5) Pronunciation
6) writing & Composition
7) Developing Practical Vocabulary
8) Idioms
9) Jazz Chants
10) Free Talking & Topic Discussion
12) Journal Writing


Mission English

1) English Worship
2) Bible Study
3) Bible Listening Lab
4) Bible Storytelling
5) Preaching Methods & Sermon Practice
6) Survey on Theological Books
7) How to Pray
8) Sharing the Gospel Using English
9) How Preside at a Chapel Service
10) Summarizing Stories from Christian Videos
11) Speech-making
12)Testimony and much more



Through these integrated teaching methods, all of the students will be able to develop their reading, writing,
listening, speaking, and evangelistic skills. They will be able to apply these topics to real life.