Graduate School of Social Work offers broad educational features including the extensive field training based on a

Christian world view and understanding various issues and policies affecting clients and social service
organizations. Especially, careful affection is given to the pursuit of excellence in reformed Christian social work



The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a 30 credit hour degree program designed to meet various needs of a future

social worker who will work for churches, community agencies, and other social work institutions by offering a broad

range of professional skills, tools, and knowledge. Field education is also offered to ensure that students would have

practical field experience in various social service agencies.


We dedicate to the highest quality social work education focusing on professional knowledge development and

dissemination to serve the profession and social welfare institutions.


The program is also characterized by preparing students for excellent leadership and advanced practical roles

in the international level as well as in the domestic or church related profession.
Graduates of the program will be equipped with the best quality education in terms of academic knowledge and

practical experiences based on a Christian perspective.
This program offers three different categories of courses such as Prerequisites(Introduction to Social Work,

Human Behavior and Social Environment, Social Work Practicum), Core Courses(Christian Social Welfare, Christian

Social Work Practice, Social Work Practice Theories, Skills and Techniques for Social Work Practice, Social Welfare

Policy, Social Welfare Administration, Research Methods and Statistics), Elective Courses(Social Service for the

Elderly, Social Welfare for the disabled, Youth Welfare, etc).