Purpose of Education


The Graduate School of Pastoral Ministry aims at fostering the church leadership well equipped

with academic ability, professionality, and practicality for the pastorship and mission field.

The objectives are to promote advanced understanding of the nature and goal of the pastorship,

enhancement of the ability to analyse the pastoral field and cultivation of proper ministry skills,

reflective application of theological theories, acquirement of the new knowledge for the field,

and constant growth and maturity of the pastoral leadership and community.

 Four majors are offered: Pastoral Counseling, Preaching, Study of Church Growth, and World Mission.


Th. M. & Th. D. in Pastoral Counseling Purpose


The Master of Theology in Pastoral Counseling is designed to develop the counseling skills of those

who desire to work as pastoral counselors in churches, parachurch organizations,

or in an international setting. The variety of counseling ministry available at CSU requires careful

assessment prior to beginning a program of study.