The Presbyterian General Assembly Theological Seminary called Chongshin Theological Seminary) is designed to

produce faithful pastors, missionaries, and scholars who are divinely called to meet the moral, social, and spiritual

needs of our generation.
The seminary attempts to train students in puritan devotion and academic excellence on the foundation of Calvinistic

Reformed theology.
The seminary has inherited the tradition of Pyungyang Theological Seminary, founded in 1901. Accredited as a special

graduate school by the Ministry of Education in 1980, the seminary is now taking a very important role in evangelizing

Korea and the world.
Applicants for the M.Div. or an equivalent program are expected to hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent.

To meet the requirements for the M.Div. degree, students need to fulfill three years of theological education,

both academic and practical, and submit a prescribed thesis or pass a comprehensive examination.
Upon graduation, students are required to take an examination to earn the license to preach. Afterwards,

they can be ordained pastors in the Presbyterian church in Korea (Habdong Denomination).
The seminary has two campuses in Seoul and Yangji. Yangji campus has a dormitory and a library.
Another dormitory was built in 1996, and a Centennial Building will be constructed soon.