1) Christian Education


The curriculum for the Christian Education is designed to help students prepare for

Christian education ministries in various professional capacities under the Presbyterian General Assembly.


It aims to equip them with solid educational theories and field experiences.

The graduates of this program will become religious educators or chaplains at middle or high schools,

or educational directors at local churches.


2) English Education


The English Education is designed to equip students with both practical and professional

skills of English education. The program is also to foster students' professionalism as sincere

Christian English teachers through: offering a wide range of courses on the theory,

such as English education, English literature, English linguistics, etc.,

providing them with teaching practicum in English education overseas as well as

domestically, and assisting them to enhance their communicative competence in English.


Since this program educates them to be competent Christian English teachers,

it leads students to become qualified English teachers/educators at local middle/high

schools after they have earned teaching certificates.


3) Early Childhood Education


Given the acknowledged importance of early childhood education nowadays,

this major is designed to bring up professional kindergarten teachers of Christian early childhood education.

This is revealed in the provided programs which are approached with balanced perspectives

on both Christian early childhood education and general education to help students to earn teaching certificates.


This major has affiliated kindergartens in which students will have practical experiences to become

competent kindergarten teachers. This field education widens their horizons about how to manage a

kindergarten class. Graduates from this program are, therefore, eligible to work at kindergartens,

nursery schools, daycare centers, and Sunday schools.