1. Admission Information (for foreign students or residents) For admission information, contact the Department of

Academic Affairs at 82-2-3479-0265


2. Degree Programs M.Div. in Old Testament, New Testament, Systematic Theology, Church History, Practical

Theology, and Missiology


3. Requirements for a Major To be awarded the Master of Divinity degree, students must meet the following



1) The total credit hours students must fulfill for graduation is 100 credit hours : compulsory, seventy-six(76);

elective, twenty-four(24); (mission majors must take 6 credits in mission curriculum)

2) Hebrew and Greek are mandatory for the candidates. All students must take Hebrew in the first two semesters

of their first year and take Greek in the first month upon their admission.

3) Master of Divinity degree is designed to be completed in 3 years, and has a time limit of up to 4 years for completion.

4) Students are not allowed to take off more than one year, except for students who have to serve in the army.

5) The minimum number of credits required for a degree is onehundred(100) credits.Students cannot take more than

 twenty(20) credits per semester. 6) A graduation thesis is required and must be approved by the examining committee.


4. Tuition and Fees Students are required to pay approximately ₩1,500,000(US$1,250) for tuition per semester and

₩150,000(US$150) per semester for the dormitory. Tuition fees and other expenses may vary year to year according

to price changes. Students are free to apply for the following scholarships: scholarships for academic excellence,

scholarships for missionary candidates, scholarships for army chaplain candidates, scholarships for children of

provincial pastor's and many other scholarships.