The President's Message













                                                          Chongshin University and Seminary has five-fold mission to raise the
                                                          students to be:
                                                          1) mature Christians,
                                                          2) competent scholars,
                                                          3) godly persons, 
                                                          4) zealous evangelists,
                                                          5) dedicated church leaders.



It has the six-fold objectives for this mission:
1) let students love the Bible as the inerrant Word of God,
2) let them practice it to bear fruits under the sovereign Lordship of Jesus Christ,
3) let them pursue academic excellence to be the best teachers,
4) let them witness of Jesus Christ to the world,
5) let them transform the contemporary world-views and its culture from the Reformed perspective,
6) let them exercise pastoral leadership.
Chongshin University and Seminary pursues a globalize partnership with the Reformed and evangelical

universities and seminaries in the world, in terms of exchanging professors and students, to promote

the Reformed Faith and Action and to integrate the faith and scholarship.