The President's Message












Chongshin University and Seminary (CUS) has celebrated 106th anniversary this year. It started like a mustard seed,

but it has grown up to be a big tree with birds nestled on and fruits hanging over its branches. What a wonderful grace

of God it is! CUS, with the traditional Reformed world view, has produced so many pastors, missionaries,theologians,

and diverse lay leaders such as patriots, teachers,and musicians, etc. CUS has become a torch for the nation when

she had struggled under the Japanese rule and during her modernization. CUS has been the cradle of the Korean

Presbyterian churches at large and the Presbyterian theological universities and seminaries in Korea, and played a

key role to form and to maintain the Korean Protestant Churches at large to be Bible-centered evangelical churches

which have now sent the largest numbers of the missionaries to the world next to the American Churches. CUS aims

to train those who commit themselves to the work of the kingdom and the church of God with the profound Reformed

Theology and diverse Bible-centered training programs for the students' mature spirituality and personality.

One hundred and two full-time faculty members and numerous part-time lecturers, most of whom earned their

doctorate degrees from the world-level first class theological institutions in the world, wait for the new young serious

generation who has enthusiasm to be the servants of the Lord. CUS is the official institution to train the pastoral

candidates for the Presbyterian Church in Korea (Hapdong) which has about 11,000 local congregations with about

3 million members. Let us join together to respond seriously to the calling of God who is expanding and glorifying

His kingdom and His church and share our Bible-centered vision with us. Let us work together to prepare for the

God-fearing servants of the Lord for the coming generation. Our Lord who has
recreated His fallen creation calls for His sincere servants for His harvest, deploring that 'The harvest is plentiful

but the workers are few.Let's say 'yes' with enthusiasm and anticipation to His calling.